468 Commits (160-regression)

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  Bohdan Horbeshko e55463fc98 Fix passing Component to StreamManager 1 year ago
  bodqhrohro 5f99e1cd06 Support partial JIDs in Bare/Full methods 3 years ago
  remicorniere ac5b066815
Merge pull request #164 from remicorniere/XEP-0082 3 years ago
  CORNIERE Rémi 17d561f829 Support for XEP-0082. 3 years ago
  remicorniere ce71bc5c76
Merge pull request #163 from remicorniere/XEP-0334 3 years ago
  CORNIERE Rémi 6a3ee5b0a5 Support for XEP-0334 3 years ago
  remicorniere fe4c366de8
Merge pull request #161 from remicorniere/Issue_160 3 years ago
  CORNIERE Rémi 0a4acd12c3 Fix issue #160 3 years ago
  remicorniere ef6de6000a
Merge pull request #159 from remicorniere/close_keepalive 3 years ago
  rcorniere d4960afc97 Close keepalive when recv() ends in client.go 3 years ago
  rcorniere 6e84084bb3 Close keepalive when recv() ends in client.go 3 years ago
  remicorniere 64e54134df
Merge pull request #158 from remicorniere/reset_IsSecure 3 years ago
  rcorniere f1331dcebc Reset isSecure in StartTLS() 3 years ago
  remicorniere 1e92089f96
Merge pull request #155 from remicorniere/Stream_Management_Patch 3 years ago
  rcorniere 7850d07d37 Renamed Hooks 3 years ago
  rcorniere 477a2b114c Changelog and doc 3 years ago
  rcorniere 7a932d0504 Added missing tests 3 years ago
  rcorniere eff622df76 Changelog update 3 years ago
  rcorniere 5fcb1c4337 Refactor tests 3 years ago
  rcorniere e59a86c380 Refactor tests 3 years ago
  rcorniere 0459144512 First commit with dirty tests 3 years ago
  remicorniere 22ba8d1f4e
Merge pull request #150 from jacksgt/patch-2 3 years ago
  remicorniere fa59efbfdc
Merge pull request #151 from FluuxIO/Rmv_Xtra_Deps 3 years ago
  rcorniere 086ceb4047 Removed unnecessary dependencies from the core lib go.mod 3 years ago
  Jack Henschel 35e3defc62
Remove "no depdencies" statement from README 3 years ago
  remicorniere 79cd7e37f1
Merge pull request #149 from remicorniere/Fixes 3 years ago
  rcorniere 2083cbf29c Various fixes 3 years ago
  remicorniere 928c1595ef
Merge pull request #148 from remicorniere/ResultSetsRework 3 years ago
  rcorniere 70ef1d575f Reset Tests 3 years ago
  rcorniere 8798ff6fc1 - Changed IQ stanzas to pointer semantics 3 years ago
  remicorniere 3a3a15507e
Update README.md 3 years ago
  remicorniere 84665d8c13
Merge pull request #146 from remicorniere/PubSub_Example 3 years ago
  CORNIERE Rémi e9bda893d6 Added tests for new Owner namespace function 3 years ago
  CORNIERE Rémi 1d1adb0c48 Example pubsub code cleanup 3 years ago
  CORNIERE Rémi 20e02cc9ad Added node config 3 years ago
  remicorniere 9b557a68b3
Merge pull request #145 from remicorniere/PubSub_Example 3 years ago
  CORNIERE Rémi 9ca9f48c89 Added README.md 3 years ago
  remicorniere 6b0a036d07
Merge pull request #144 from remicorniere/PubSub_Example 3 years ago
  CORNIERE Rémi f3218c4afa PubSub example 3 years ago
  remicorniere 75531f457a Change log pub sub (#143) 3 years ago
  remicorniere 947fcf0432 PubSub protocol support (#142) 3 years ago
  Jerome Sautret 6e2ba9ca57 Remove context leak warnings 3 years ago
  Jerome Sautret 600f7d5246 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:FluuxIO/go-xmpp 3 years ago
  Jerome Sautret ab80709aeb Added xmpp_component2 example. 3 years ago
  remicorniere 94aceac802 Changed "Disconnect" to wait for the closing stream tag. (#141) 3 years ago
  remicorniere e62b7fa0c7
Update client.go 3 years ago
  remicorniere daf37cf5a8
Update Disconnect method on client 3 years ago
  remicorniere ccc573c3b2
Update xmpp_chat_client.go 3 years ago
  remicorniere 26114d40eb
Merge pull request #140 from remicorniere/Roster_Chat_Example 3 years ago
  CORNIERE Rémi f3252346c4 Added roster update to chat client example 3 years ago