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Fluux XMPP Changelog



  • Added support for XEP-0198 (Stream management)
  • Added message queue : when using "SendX" methods on a client, messages are also stored in a queue. When requesting acks from the server, sent messages will be discarded, and unsent ones will be sent again. (see
  • Added support for stanza_errors (see C.2. Stream error namespace and
  • Added separate hooks for connection and reconnection on the client. One can now specify different actions to get triggered on client connect and reconnect, at client init time.
  • Client state update is now thread safe
  • Changed the Config struct to use pointer semantics
  • Tests
  • Refactoring, including removing some Fprintf statements in favor of Marshal + Write and using structs from the library instead of strings



  • Added support for XEP-0060 (PubSub)
    (no support for 6.5.4 Returning Some Items yet as it needs XEP-0059, Result Sets)
  • Added support for XEP-0050 (Commands)
  • Added support for XEP-0004 (Forms)
  • Updated the client example with a TUI
  • Make keepalive interval configurable #134
  • Fix updating of EventManager.CurrentState #136
  • Added callbacks for error management in Component and Client. Users must now provide a callback function when using NewClient/Component.
  • Moved JID from xmpp package to stanza package



  • Update requirements to go1.13
  • Add a websocket transport
  • Add Client.SendIQ method
  • Add IQ result routes to the Router
  • Fix SIGSEGV in xmpp_component (#126)
  • Add tests for Component and code style fixes



  • XMPP Over Websocket support
  • Add support for getting IQ responses to client IQ queries (synchronously or asynchronously, passing an handler function).
  • Implement X-OAUTH2 authentication method. You can read more details here: Understanding ejabberd OAuth Support & Roadmap: Step 4
  • Fix issues in the stanza builder when trying to add text inside and XMPP node.
  • Fix issues with unescaped % characters in XMPP payload.

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