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Go wrapper for TDLib (Telegram Database Library) with full support of TDLib v1.8.14

TDLib installation

Use TDLib build instructions with checkmarked Install built TDLib to /usr/local instead of placing the files to td/tdlib.

Note: Compatible with TDLib v1.8.14 only!


Build with environment variables:

CGO_LDFLAGS=-LC:/path/to/tdlib/build/tdlib/bin -ltdjson

Example for PowerShell:

$env:CGO_CFLAGS="-IC:/td/tdlib/include"; $env:CGO_LDFLAGS="-LC:/td/tdlib/bin -ltdjson"; go build -trimpath -ldflags="-s -w" -o demo.exe .\cmd\demo.go



Register an application to obtain an api_id and api_hash

package main

import (


func main() {
    // client authorizer
    authorizer := client.ClientAuthorizer()
    go client.CliInteractor(authorizer)

    // or bot authorizer
    // botToken := "000000000:gsVCGG5YbikxYHC7bP5vRvmBqJ7Xz6vG6td"
    // authorizer := client.BotAuthorizer(botToken)

    const (
        apiId   = 00000
        apiHash = "8pu9yg32qkuukj83ozaqo5zzjwhkxhnk"

    authorizer.TdlibParameters <- &client.TdlibParameters{
        UseTestDc:              false,
        DatabaseDirectory:      filepath.Join(".tdlib", "database"),
        FilesDirectory:         filepath.Join(".tdlib", "files"),
        UseFileDatabase:        true,
        UseChatInfoDatabase:    true,
        UseMessageDatabase:     true,
        UseSecretChats:         false,
        ApiId:                  apiId,
        ApiHash:                apiHash,
        SystemLanguageCode:     "en",
        DeviceModel:            "Server",
        SystemVersion:          "1.0.0",
        ApplicationVersion:     "1.0.0",
        EnableStorageOptimizer: true,
        IgnoreFileNames:        false,

	_, err := client.SetLogVerbosityLevel(&client.SetLogVerbosityLevelRequest{
		NewVerbosityLevel: 1,
	if err != nil {
		log.Fatalf("SetLogVerbosityLevel error: %s", err)
    tdlibClient, err := client.NewClient(authorizer)
    if err != nil {
        log.Fatalf("NewClient error: %s", err)

    optionValue, err := tdlibClient.GetOption(&client.GetOptionRequest{
        Name: "version",
    if err != nil {
        log.Fatalf("GetOption error: %s", err)

    log.Printf("TDLib version: %s", optionValue.(*client.OptionValueString).Value)

    me, err := tdlibClient.GetMe()
    if err != nil {
        log.Fatalf("GetMe error: %s", err)

    log.Printf("Me: %s %s [%s]", me.FirstName, me.LastName, me.Username)

Receive updates

tdlibClient, err := client.NewClient(authorizer)
if err != nil {
    log.Fatalf("NewClient error: %s", err)

listener := tdlibClient.GetListener()
defer listener.Close()
for update := range listener.Updates {
    if update.GetClass() == client.ClassUpdate {
        log.Printf("%#v", update)

Proxy support

proxy := client.WithProxy(&client.AddProxyRequest{
    Server: "",
    Port:   1080,
    Enable: true,
    Type: &client.ProxyTypeSocks5{
        Username: "username",
        Password: "password",

tdlibClient, err := client.NewClient(authorizer, proxy)


Example application

cd example
docker build --network host --build-arg TD_TAG=v1.8.14 --tag tdlib-test .
docker run --rm -it -e "API_ID=00000" -e "API_HASH=abcdef0123456789" tdlib-test ash


  • WIP. Library API can be changed in the future
  • The package includes a .tl-parser and generated json-schema for creating libraries in other languages


Aleksandr Zelenin, e-mail: