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  annelin f372e513ef Release 2.6.3 2 months ago
  annelin dc8539e53c Release 2.6.1 2 months ago
  annelin a825b5b7b5 Release v2.6 (maria without juana edition ♥) 2 months ago
  annelin db590fd27f Status caching 3 months ago
  annelin dc21d076c1 Fixed README 3 months ago
  annelin a39c2887cc Authorization fix 3 months ago
  annelin c3197cd000 Release 2.4 5 months ago
  annelin edfae83b8f Version 2.3 / izvinite git nasral 5 months ago
  annelin c60a6eeb84 Merge branch 'master' of https://git.narayana.im/narayana/zhabogram 5 months ago
  annelin 970a3ab924 removed some debug information 5 months ago
  annelin 29f4cfc552 Version 2.3 5 months ago
  Pavel R 8ed5710c13 Merge branch 'master' of mike/zhabogram into master 5 months ago
  annelin cb62c63771 Version 2.2.8 5 months ago
  Mike_Went 5babcb35a8 [fix] strel ochka 5 months ago
  annelin 5014133cc0 Bump version to 2.1 5 months ago
  annelin 82aa27558b [FIX] Subscription after logging in 7 months ago
  annelin 6d282eb2f6 fixed /help command to gateway 11 months ago
  annelin d1f58a02dc Notification on errors while sending message 11 months ago
  annelin a34f10b78a Updated config example 11 months ago
  Пашенька 9689bda5f9 [!] Changed config format — tdlib config moved to :tdlib section 11 months ago
  annelin f74a03623e Added tag v2.0.0 for changeset 627d2c205f01 1 year ago
  annelin 4dfd278a39 Release 2.0.0 1 year ago
  annelin eca1bfcb8f [+] now asking subscription only after explicit request (/add) or after incoming message, I hope it will help 1 year ago
  annelin 193dff330f [!] temporary disabled timezone detection to prevent crash after incorrect data in tz requet 1 year ago
  annelin 7a2f85e0fe hey I'm just added OTR support ☺ 1 year ago
  annelin 3f78178d60 [f] fixed avatars broadcast 1 year ago
  annelin c9fb9297fe temporarily disabled presence queue pool -- will see how it works now 1 year ago
  annelin b5f8ba28ab Added tag v1.3.2 for changeset f51bcc1e847d 1 year ago
  annelin c2ff64b0bd Release 1.3.2 1 year ago
  annelin 7122db0e31 Added tag v1.3 for changeset c7aee4e5f3e5 1 year ago
  annelin da2de42645 Release 1.2 1 year ago
  annelin 780dd6d6a1 Added tag v1.2 for changeset 44cae49ad897 1 year ago
  annelin d4863a50b0 Release v1.2 1 year ago
  annelin 5997f8632b Added tag v1.1 for changeset 8dd6400de566 1 year ago
  annelin b160e6f2ff Release 1.1 1 year ago
  annelin 711534b909 Added missing files 1 year ago
  annelin 3ce6edb6c9 Added tag v1.0.1 for changeset 3d78ba28050b 1 year ago
  annelin b1a9979be2 [FIX] Fixed delayed presences while running in multiple-account mode 1 year ago
  annelin 53586161d2 Added tag v1.0 for changeset 47915969606c 1 year ago
  annelin dc615f977c Release 1.0. 1 year ago
  annelin 7904631a83 Added tag v1.0-b4 for changeset 6c4973c24842 1 year ago
  annelin d83c24da76 Release 1.0-beta4 1 year ago
  annelin 13cc5331e6 Added tag v1.0-b3 for changeset 9a2daf921edf 1 year ago
  annelin 3545c692e1 Release v1.0-beta3 1 year ago
  annelin 993b62c1ce Added tag v1.0-b2 for changeset 78e927e3f473 1 year ago
  annelin 0625b5c3d4 Release 1.0-beta2 1 year ago
  annelin 3189016dfa Added tag v1.0-b1 for changeset 5630ffc0069b 1 year ago
  annelin 88c7eb09da Release 1.0-beta1. Some more tests and here we go.. 1 year ago
  annelin 20d1e68781 Added tag v0.9 for changeset dd6fac7b3882 1 year ago
  annelin 269dfce55b Removed force GC.start because it doesn't help us. 1 year ago