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annelin 2987d8f3a5 Release 0.7
[FIX] now trying to revive stream if any exception occured
[FIX] fixed >quotes without messages ID
[UPD] using unicode symbols to compact msg prefix
[UPD] logging slightly modified
[UPD] added garbage collection after each incoming message
2019-04-16 06:45:56 +03:00

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api_id: '17349'
api_hash: '344583e45741c457fe1862106095a5eb'
verbosity: 2
useragent: 'Zhabogram XMPP Gateway'
version: '0.7'
use_test_dc: false
loglevel: 0
content_path: '/var/www/tg_media'
content_link: 'https://localhost/tg_media'
content_upload_prefix: 'https://localhost/upload'
db_path: 'users.db'
jid: 'tlgrm.localhost'
host: 'localhost'
port: 8899
secret: 'password'
loglevel: 0