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:loglevel: :warn
:path: '/var/www/telegabber/content' # webserver workdir
:link: 'http://tlgrm.localhost/content' # webserver public address
:upload: 'https:///xmppfiles.localhost' # xmpp http upload address
:user: 'www-data' # owner of content files
:quota: '256MB' # maximum storage size
:tdlib_verbosity: 1
:datadir: './sessions/'
:api_id: '17349'
:api_hash: '344583e45741c457fe1862106095a5eb'
:device_model: 'telegabber'
:application_version: '2.0'
:use_chat_info_database: false
:use_secret_chats: true
:catch_timeout: 60
:loglevel: :warn
:jid: 'tlgrm.localhost'
:host: ''
:port: 5347
:password: 'password'
:db: 'session.dat'