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  annelin 5be9257010 New method: `fetch()` that returns query results without an associative array. 1 year ago
  annelin c0b72e001c Added possibility to query via direct `link` object call 1 year ago
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  annelin 22c8e12231 Types handling reworked and now in `init.lua` file 1 year ago
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  annelin 4036a8b501 Release v0.2: Added external types handling, SQL prepared statements Lua-side, Arrays handling 1 year ago
  annelin f16eee5ac0 Added client-side prepared statements 1 year ago
  annelin a2cdf19c5c pg-tarantool-driver release 0.1: fork of tarantool/pg with SSL support. 1 year ago
  annelin 65ec80b158 Renamed module directory to 'pg_tarantool' to allow co-existence with original module 1 year ago
  annelin bdb1c4a949 Renamed to 'pg-tarantool-driver' (it won't work with pure Lua, so) 1 year ago
  annelin e886d00897 Added SSL support 1 year ago
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