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  annelin f17e8f0bbb Fixed path in driver 4 months ago
  annelin 9c1f95d562 Rockspec location 4 months ago
  annelin f098ca54c5 Updated README 4 months ago
  annelin c87dbfc5d1 Library renamed to tarantool_psql 4 months ago
  annelin 17d5fc402b Rockspec fix 4 months ago
  annelin cffb506fae updated README 4 months ago
  annelin b701ba9c44 Release v1.1 4 months ago
  annelin c30322d30a Added tag v1.0 for changeset 0c14359b99a6 8 months ago
  annelin 286b8ba5f8 [FIX] hotfix in prepare() method 8 months ago
  annelin 7972dfd46e Added tag v1.0 for changeset a922d06145ac 8 months ago
  annelin 7e7768ac34 Release 1.0 8 months ago
  annelin ab0562ac5c Added tag v1.0-rc2 for changeset 6731d648f90c 9 months ago
  annelin 2df971faa9 Release 1.0-rc2 9 months ago
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  annelin 45c2932112 Release v1.0-rc1 9 months ago
  annelin e709ef8050 Added tag v0.9.5 for changeset cd8f50f821c6 9 months ago
  annelin 4aca6d566b release 0.9.5 9 months ago
  annelin a5250fca36 Added tag v0.9.1 for changeset 5ccf2dc3cde7 9 months ago
  annelin 32d7c76168 Release 0.9.1 9 months ago
  annelin c7eb992620 Try to fix OpenSSL cmake recipe 9 months ago
  annelin 28ec0db077 Added tag v0.9 for changeset a833b93b167d 9 months ago
  annelin 0ace816e04 Added tag v0.9 for changeset ca6811beadd8 9 months ago
  annelin 2a297be002 Prepare statements hotfix on UPDATE/DELETE 9 months ago
  annelin 3ab6883091 Release v0.9 [No backward compatibility!] 9 months ago
  annelin 7ecf3254cd Default NULL type is now nil 9 months ago
  annelin f19630d073 Error message when failed to establish connection 9 months ago
  annelin 875d2dab48 Release 0.8.5 9 months ago
  annelin 07fb77de78 Updated README 9 months ago
  annelin eceb49224f Release 0.8.4 9 months ago
  annelin 4b0bcf15ce Release 0.8.2 9 months ago
  annelin f5c384d8fa Added tag v0.8 for changeset b9d7788b891a 9 months ago
  annelin b3af0020a6 Release 0.8 9 months ago
  annelin 8ba985876e Added tag v0.7.2 for changeset ca31b2c81681 9 months ago
  annelin beaa9f8165 Release 0.7.2 9 months ago
  annelin f7d37fb116 Added tag v0.7.1 for changeset 8d6578cf4c00 9 months ago
  annelin 17d69fc9c1 query_once() hotfix 9 months ago
  annelin 72de965b61 Added tag v0.7 for changeset 638975dce455 9 months ago
  annelin 099e009835 Release 0.7 9 months ago
  annelin f7446ebc28 Release v0.6 11 months ago
  annelin f7d5cdac85 Added tag v0.6 for changeset bcbac367f652 11 months ago
  annelin 6e9f1a942d Removed tag 0.6 11 months ago
  annelin 32093fa83c Added tag 0.6 for changeset 535da43b7cd3 11 months ago
  annelin b7d54fe4a3 Added tag v0.5 for changeset c35d22a1dafa 11 months ago
  annelin e7f84d4e6a Fixed dynamic SQL types initalizing i.e. pg_tarantool.types.init('hstore') 11 months ago
  annelin b07232ab98 Added tag v0.4.3 for changeset 006c2a14291c 11 months ago
  annelin 45be98a1ac Fixed SQL arguments encoding 11 months ago
  annelin 32fb9e6fbf Added tag v0.4.2 for changeset d4c5695a8768 11 months ago
  annelin 5be9257010 New method: `fetch()` that returns query results without an associative array. 11 months ago