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  dedok dc03485c40 Cleanup 2 years ago
  dedok 3af386f686 1) tnt_eval has been removed, since it does not work well. It was replaced by ngx_lua and so on, that means this module is optimized for an other nginx's modules like ngx_lua, ngx_perl and so on. 2) tnt_pure_result is back. Reply can be filtered by ngx_lua or ngx_perl. 3) Updated tests. 4) Updated README. 2 years ago
  dedok 172663694e tnt_eval did ignor some HTTP request (POST, PUT), it was fixed by adding a new version subrequest function, which works weel with content-based methods. Plus, update tests, bump version. 2 years ago
  dedok 3e06537433 #83 - fixed 2 years ago
  dedok 62082a7304 Compilation fixed 2 years ago
  dedok 902a38ec9c #74 - done (beta version). Breaking. Module does not support tarantool 1.6.x, it starts from this commit. Update tests & add some new 2 years ago
  dedok 061ff3ad0b #80 - fixed 2 years ago
  dedok 076164c0f9 #76 - auto tests. Feature was commited before (w/o an issue). 3 years ago
  Vasiliy Soshnikov 623794cf64 #52 - is fixed. The module has escaping any string(including keys) recv. from the Tarantool. Update (C) and comments. Update tests. 3 years ago
  Vasiliy Soshnikov 1278ee5c34 #28 - done. Updates comments & Makefile & test; 3 years ago
  Vasiliy Soshnikov d78409115d Update comment 3 years ago
  Vasiliy Soshnikov 15ba337358 Minor fixes 3 years ago
  Vasiliy Soshnikov f475eca707 Return back cd - w/o cd Makefile are broken; Style fix in config; 3 years ago
  Vasiliy Soshnikov 41db589c7c Fixed: dynamic build; misteped in config; Move: test files; Update: Makefile; 3 years ago
  Vasiliy Soshnikov 0efcefa2f2 update makefile; 3 years ago
  Konstantin Nazarov 74c14ac0c3 Fix dynamic module build 3 years ago
  Vasiliy Soshnikov 01bb185dd5 dynamic module support; update tests/confs/makefile; fix comment; 3 years ago
  Vasiliy Soshnikov dbed102c1b v0.2.0 - done. 3 years ago
  Vasiliy Soshnikov 3f0685a40f move nginx module's sources to src/ 4 years ago
  Vasiliy Soshnikov 23fd73e5de better features control via nginx.conf; update test; 4 years ago
  Vasiliy Soshnikov ed802fe85c update build system 4 years ago
  Vasiliy Soshnikov f802d3e9cf #9 compatibility with Tarantool > 1.6.6 issue resolved; update tests; 4 years ago
  Vasiliy Soshnikov 430e59f500 #9 #11 #16 4 years ago
  Vasiliy Soshnikov a124e58acc keepalive improve; minor bug fixes; update tests; 4 years ago
  bigbes 2e6c3888ed Add source rmp building 4 years ago
  Vasiliy Soshnikov 604b3f23db #8 4 years ago
  dedok c4f6b9efc3 #8 4 years ago
  dedok 36d1cc0272 #8 4 years ago
  Vasiliy Soshnikov a09fd6afbe #1 #8 #9 4 years ago
  dedok 095627467d #1 #4 5 years ago
  Vasiliy Soshnikov fbcd74ae1c Minor fixes. 5 years ago
  Vasiliy Soshnikov c9c1dcb1c4 transcode/nginx tests, examples. 5 years ago
  Vasiliy Soshnikov 44cf1d93a3 Last part of sources from tarantool-c 5 years ago
  bigbes 75d0357f0a Add yajl, tarantool-c as submodule, c89 compatibility 5 years ago
  Vasiliy Soshnikov db9e71f774 initial commit 5 years ago
  Vasiliy Soshnikov fe1f420190 Initial commit 5 years ago