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package xmpp
import (
var ErrTransportProtocolNotSupported = errors.New("transport protocol not supported")
var ErrTLSNotSupported = errors.New("transport does not support StartTLS")
// TODO: rename to transport config?
type TransportConfiguration struct {
// Address is the XMPP Host and port to connect to. Host is of
// the form 'serverhost:port' i.e "localhost:8888"
Address string
Domain string
ConnectTimeout int // Client timeout in seconds. Default to 15
// tls.Config must not be modified after having been passed to NewClient. Any
// changes made after connecting are ignored.
TLSConfig *tls.Config
CharsetReader func(charset string, input io.Reader) (io.Reader, error) // passed to xml decoder
type Transport interface {
Connect() (string, error)
DoesStartTLS() bool
StartTLS() error
LogTraffic(logFile io.Writer)
StartStream() (string, error)
GetDecoder() *xml.Decoder
IsSecure() bool
Ping() error
Read(p []byte) (n int, err error)
Write(p []byte) (n int, err error)
Close() error
// ReceivedStreamClose signals to the transport that a </stream:stream> has been received and that the tcp connection
// should be closed.
// NewClientTransport creates a new Transport instance for clients.
// The type of transport is determined by the address in the configuration:
// - if the address is a URL with the `ws` or `wss` scheme WebsocketTransport is used
// - in all other cases a XMPPTransport is used
// For XMPPTransport it is mandatory for the address to have a port specified.
func NewClientTransport(config TransportConfiguration) Transport {
if strings.HasPrefix(config.Address, "ws:") || strings.HasPrefix(config.Address, "wss:") {
return &WebsocketTransport{Config: config}
config.Address = ensurePort(config.Address, 5222)
return &XMPPTransport{
Config: config,
openStatement: clientStreamOpen,
// NewComponentTransport creates a new Transport instance for components.
// Only XMPP transports are allowed. If you try to use any other protocol an error
// will be returned.
func NewComponentTransport(config TransportConfiguration) (Transport, error) {
if strings.HasPrefix(config.Address, "ws:") || strings.HasPrefix(config.Address, "wss:") {
return nil, fmt.Errorf("components only support XMPP transport: %w", ErrTransportProtocolNotSupported)
config.Address = ensurePort(config.Address, 5222)
return &XMPPTransport{
Config: config,
openStatement: componentStreamOpen,
}, nil