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package xmpp
import (
// Config & TransportConfiguration must not be modified after having been passed to NewClient. Any
// changes made after connecting are ignored.
type Config struct {
Jid string
parsedJid *stanza.Jid // For easier manipulation
Credential Credential
StreamLogger *os.File // Used for debugging
Lang string // TODO: should default to 'en'
KeepaliveInterval time.Duration // Interval between keepalive packets
ConnectTimeout int // Client timeout in seconds. Default to 15
// Insecure can be set to true to allow to open a session without TLS. If TLS
// is supported on the server, we will still try to use it.
Insecure bool
// Activate stream management process during session
StreamManagementEnable bool
// Enable stream management resume capability
streamManagementResume bool
// IsStreamResumable tells if a stream session is resumable by reading the "config" part of a client.
// It checks if stream management is enabled, and if stream resumption was set and accepted by the server.
func IsStreamResumable(c *Client) bool {
return c.config.StreamManagementEnable && c.config.streamManagementResume