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  Mike_Went 5babcb35a8 [fix] strel ochka 4 weeks ago
  annelin 5014133cc0 Bump version to 2.1 4 weeks ago
  annelin 82aa27558b [FIX] Subscription after logging in 3 months ago
  annelin 6d282eb2f6 fixed /help command to gateway 7 months ago
  annelin d1f58a02dc Notification on errors while sending message 7 months ago
  annelin a34f10b78a Updated config example 7 months ago
  Пашенька 9689bda5f9 [!] Changed config format — tdlib config moved to :tdlib section 7 months ago
  annelin f74a03623e Added tag v2.0.0 for changeset 627d2c205f01 8 months ago
  annelin 4dfd278a39 Release 2.0.0 8 months ago
  annelin eca1bfcb8f [+] now asking subscription only after explicit request (/add) or after incoming message, I hope it will help 8 months ago
  annelin 193dff330f [!] temporary disabled timezone detection to prevent crash after incorrect data in tz requet 8 months ago
  annelin 7a2f85e0fe hey I'm just added OTR support ☺ 9 months ago
  annelin 3f78178d60 [f] fixed avatars broadcast 9 months ago
  annelin c9fb9297fe temporarily disabled presence queue pool -- will see how it works now 9 months ago
  annelin b5f8ba28ab Added tag v1.3.2 for changeset f51bcc1e847d 9 months ago
  annelin c2ff64b0bd Release 1.3.2 9 months ago
  annelin 7122db0e31 Added tag v1.3 for changeset c7aee4e5f3e5 9 months ago
  annelin da2de42645 Release 1.2 9 months ago
  annelin 780dd6d6a1 Added tag v1.2 for changeset 44cae49ad897 10 months ago
  annelin d4863a50b0 Release v1.2 10 months ago
  annelin 5997f8632b Added tag v1.1 for changeset 8dd6400de566 10 months ago
  annelin b160e6f2ff Release 1.1 10 months ago
  annelin 711534b909 Added missing files 10 months ago
  annelin 3ce6edb6c9 Added tag v1.0.1 for changeset 3d78ba28050b 11 months ago
  annelin b1a9979be2 [FIX] Fixed delayed presences while running in multiple-account mode 11 months ago
  annelin 53586161d2 Added tag v1.0 for changeset 47915969606c 11 months ago
  annelin dc615f977c Release 1.0. 11 months ago
  annelin 7904631a83 Added tag v1.0-b4 for changeset 6c4973c24842 11 months ago
  annelin d83c24da76 Release 1.0-beta4 11 months ago
  annelin 13cc5331e6 Added tag v1.0-b3 for changeset 9a2daf921edf 11 months ago
  annelin 3545c692e1 Release v1.0-beta3 11 months ago
  annelin 993b62c1ce Added tag v1.0-b2 for changeset 78e927e3f473 11 months ago
  annelin 0625b5c3d4 Release 1.0-beta2 11 months ago
  annelin 3189016dfa Added tag v1.0-b1 for changeset 5630ffc0069b 11 months ago
  annelin 88c7eb09da Release 1.0-beta1. Some more tests and here we go.. 11 months ago
  annelin 20d1e68781 Added tag v0.9 for changeset dd6fac7b3882 11 months ago
  annelin 269dfce55b Removed force GC.start because it doesn't help us. 11 months ago
  annelin 61a42e63b4 Release 0.9 11 months ago
  annelin 54860e027a Added tag v0.8.3 for changeset 75477c4ff512 11 months ago
  annelin dc7af59673 Release 0.8.3 11 months ago
  annelin 55b190eafc Added tag v0.8.2 for changeset b0d4c6abad64 11 months ago
  annelin 3f0fcba27b Release 0.8.2 11 months ago
  annelin d4730b6cff Updated README 11 months ago
  annelin b8d5bafa3f Updated README 11 months ago
  annelin 71ea3c4db5 Added tag v0.8.1 for changeset 42049c50f341 11 months ago
  annelin 06c6402491 Release 0.8.1\n\n[UPD] updated README.md 11 months ago
  annelin 3fe34d6c1a Release 0.8.1 11 months ago
  annelin b80984cc3e updated readme 11 months ago
  annelin 84ebb98b5b Updated README 11 months ago
  annelin bb1e9e9d7f Updated README 11 months ago